Bridge Church - Clarksville, Tennessee

The Bridge

We are surrounded by people who are broken and feel forgotten.  They are hurting.  They carry a lifetime of regrets.  They have given up.

The Bridge began as a simple desire to lead broken people to hope. We believe everyone needs a church home.  Yet not every church is for everyone.  If you have never been broken or felt forgotten, there are probably other churches that better fit you.

We are not perfect.  We don’t have it all figured out.  Our healing is not even complete.  But we do know where to find hope. That journey to hope is more than a fact.  It is even more than a mission.  It is our story.  Sharing that story is especially important to our pastor.

“My life has been more about rising from failure than building on success.  If there has been a theme for my family, it has been finding hope in the mercy of God.  We now pray that God uses the broken pieces around us to build a bridge for others.  Clarksville is our home.  Its people are our people.  The Bridge is our way to lead them to hope.
–  Pastor Chad Rowland

So if you are looking for a church home that is filled with people who are needing hope, sharing hope, and building bridges to hope, The Bridge may be where your journey begins.




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