Bridge Church - Clarksville, Tennessee

In our brief history, we’ve had a few days that we won’t forget.  Feeding Christmas breakfast to the families in the Greenwood neighborhood.  Our first Christmas Eve service.  The first time we had to bring out more chairs on Sunday morning. All good days for sure.

But this past Sunday?  Well, we saw 7 people baptized and 34 families became members of The Bridge.  Pretty great stuff right there.

Today, David Graham has set up a meeting with the pastor of a church in the Greenwood/Caldwell Lane neighborhood.  I’ll be tagging along.  Please pray that this will be another step towards finding the best way to serve a community that, for the most part, has been forgotten.

Tonight is Guys Night.  We’ll be at Water Street at 6:00pm.  I know the weather may not be ideal.  But for the men who are interested and able, we’ll meet up and talk about life and faith.  We’ll be done at 7:30.

Thank you all for inviting friends and making this past Sunday a day to remember.  And to the men who showed up early (and those who offered to), thank you for having a do-whatever-it-takes attitude.  Your church is a special place because of people like you.

I know spring break is next week, but you are not allowed to leave town until Sunday at 11:00am..So I guess we’ll see you all next Sunday!

Keep building bridges to hope,


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