Bridge Church - Clarksville, Tennessee

What a ride this is!

We’re young.  We’re experiencing growing pains.  Many of us are still healing from our own personal struggles and disappointments.

Yet, in spite of this, God is using us to shine a light into a forgotten neighborhood.  God is growing us to the point that we are filling up our meeting space.  God is teaching our children to make a difference even now.  And God is giving people the courage to step up and be baptized.

Thank you for being the greatest group of people on the planet!

Here are some news items for you:

Ladies Night
On February 11th from 6:00pm – 7:30pm all ladies are invited to spend some a little time learning and talking about life and faith.  Whether you are new to faith or have been following Jesus for years, you are welcome to be a part.

Married Night
On February 18th at 6:00pm all married couples are invited to join us as we laugh a little, eat a little, and have a meaningful night together.  Chad and Christy Rowland, through their own wins and losses, will share how to build a stronger marriage built on faith and truth.

Our first baptism will be March 1st. If you have never been baptized and are ready, please contact us at  We would be honored to help you take this step.

Contribution Statements
Thank you for being faithful to financially sacrifice to make The Bridge possible. The contribution statements for 2014 will be mailed out next week.

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