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SERVE GROUP sign ups began Sunday.  If you did not sign up to join a group, below is how to do that.  Remember…the goal is for this to be the group you meet with to pray once a month, eat once a month, and serve once a month.  As the church grows larger, this is how we stay small!

Serving the Homeless and Hungry (Manna Cafe)

Serving the Retirement Home Community
Contact: or

Serving Wounded Veterans

Serving those with Special Needs

You’ll soon be hearing about a group that supports Girls on the Run, led by Stacey Lyness.  It is an organization that is coming to Clarksville.  There is an informational meeting on June 9.  You can find out more at  Stacey can be reached at

Choose a group and jump in today!  The retirement home community serve group is serving this Saturday morning so act quickly!!!

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