Bridge Church - Clarksville, Tennessee

Yesterday, we continued looking at the life of a man named Elijah.  We considered how God used Elijah to bring word that the drought was finally over.  After reading through 1 Kings 18, here are some questions we’re wrestling with this week:

Am I willing to risk looking foolish for my faith?

Is faith believing God can or believing God will?

Can I believe God has the ability to do a miracle without being sure the miracle is His plan?

If I ask God to do a great thing without believing God will do that exact thing…is that doubt?

Where do I need God to show up right now?  Work?  Home?  Health?  Finances?

And here is a prayer some of us are praying:

God I am experiencing a drought in my _________________ .  I know you can end this drought.  I believe you will end the drought.  One way or the other, because I trust that you are in control, I know you will end the drought.  I’m all in.  Send the rain!!!

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