Bridge Church - Clarksville, Tennessee

Last week was crazy week for our city.  The snow shut down just about everything.  Some churches were not even able to meet over the weekend.

With that in mind…

Thank you to Landon and Wes for clearing out the parking lot.  We could have played a basketball game on that surface!  It was awesome.

Thank you to David and Randy for a near flawless day at the audio/visual board.  With our tech leader out of town, you guys stepped it up!

Thank you to Wes for leading worship with barely 24 hours notice.  When our scheduled leader called to say the roads were too rough to make it to Clarksville, we leaned on you and you delivered.

Thank you to Aubre for showing up early and making sure our kids’ area was organized and ready.

Thank you to Billy for letting your personality shine through in the middle of a bunch of pre-school children.

Thank you David for recruiting and releasing new volunteers.

And to everyone who did the little things that often go unnoticed…thank you!

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