"Let your light shine..."

Matthew 5:16

On Sunday mornings, we have created four separate growing environments:

The Nest is for babies and toddlers. They have caring volunteers, a sensory wall, a padded floor, and a security camera, to make the experience safe and fun.

The Pad is for pre-school age children who can function in a structured learning environment. They have large group time, small group time, and a Bible lesson tailored just for them.

The Hive is for kindergarten and first grade students. This stage of learning is incredibly fun. They are beginning to comprehend concepts and can start to discover their own place in God's story.

The Porch is for second-fifth grade students. They have large group worship and then small group discussions guided by caring leaders. They learn to memorize Bible verses and apply that Truth.

For Parents

Safety Precautions

As we strive to create an environment of kindness, compassion and fun, and partner with parents to introduce children to Jesus, we also understand the times. Prior to each Sunday, all rooms and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected. In addition to introducing your kids to the Savior, and giving your kids a reason to smile, we also want your kids to be safe!


Each of our kids' rooms is equipped with security cameras and all of the rooms are supervised by leaders who have completed background checks. We want to do everything we can to give you peace of mind and allow you to fully engage in your worship time.

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