Due to possible inclement weather tonight, we will not have our small group meetings. We will resume next week!


On Sunday mornings, we gather to celebrate Jesus.While Easter Sunday comes only once a year, the first day of the week is always resurrection Sunday. Through Jesus, our debts have been paid and our shame is gone. That is reason to celebrate! Our atmosphere on Sundays may be informal but our hearts are set on Him.
Throughout the week, we connect to grow our faith. Our relationships with Jesus are personal but they are not private. God uses our relationships to sharpen us, develop us, teach us, encourage us, and grow us! We encourage everyone to join a connect group. We need each other!
God has given us gifts, talents, and abilities so that we can serve to change lives. Jesus came to "seek and save the lost." His strategy was "not to be served but to serve." That is a significant part of our strategy as well. You have been given gifts for a purpose! Join a serve group today and change lives with us.
The faith of a child can move mountains and change lives. Their desire to know, learn, and grow is contagious. So is their joy! Because they deserve  it, we continually strive to create an atmosphere of excitement and fun as they discover the love of God and His plan for their lives. Click here to learn more...


Is there anything more exciting than seeing a teenager with a heart on fire for God? It is a privilege to lead and learn from an amazing group of world changers who are committed to transforming their schools and their friends. If you have a teenager in your family, click here for more...

Did you miss Sunday's service?

Nothing compares with gathering together in person.  But, if you have to miss, you can catch up here!

Live Broadcast

Join us live online every Sunday morning at 10:30. When you can't be with us in person, it's the next best thing!